Static IP Standardized

Static Internet Protocols are standard in the Mtrex offering to provide the most reliable and secure connections unlike our competitors, and to empower our clients to customize data solutions. Our clients can manage their devices more effectively enabling ease of tracking, monitoring analytics and upgrading.

Worldwide Coverage by Global Regions

While global in scope, Mtrex’s distributed data centre model allows your data to stay within its local borders ensuring a high level of security and privacy are achieved. Country regulations or geopolitical challenges are managed effectively for our global clients.

Dual, Redundant Network Data Centres

Mtrex has established dual, redundant, secure data centres that facilitate encrypted wireless transactions, in Canada, U.S., Europe, South America and Asia. We guarantee maximum network uptime (99.999% guaranteed uptime). An integral part of your disaster recovery plan, your network is “Always On.” No data transmitted through the Mtrex network traverses the open Internet, eliminating fraudulent use and security risk. We transport customer data through a secure network connection. At no time does the data transport over the open, unsecured network.

End to End Solutions Management

Under one service umbrella, Mtrex utilizes its proprietary Management Control Centre (MPORT) and its Network Operating Centre to proactively monitor and manage our client’s entire network. MPORT allows real-time monitoring and management of every connection and device, whether located locally or internationally. We track any change in a client’s data traffic usage pattern. With our End to End Solutions Management platform, the network is constantly monitored to maximize network availability and provides our clients with the most economical data plan.

Simplified Billing

With one bill for your data usage, Mtrex simplifies the process for you. During the billing cycle, Mtrex will notify you of any potential overages preventing any surprises when your invoice is received.

Bundled Solutions to Maximize Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU) and Returns

Using Mtrex’s combination of partnerships, expertise and industry-leading technology, Mtrex deploys complete IIoT solutions. Mtrex bundles solutions and provides the most cost effective solutions to our clients.


Our network design supports scalability, accommodating a vast number of connected devices. We deploy devices requiring as little as 10KB through to those needing 20GB of data and more.


If you require a multi-carrier SIM and your data needs are up to 100MB per month, Mtrex provides a premium service for these select business requirements. This service gives you the benefit of Tier 1 carriers and guarantees you have coverage at all times, regardless of where you are in Canada or U.S. Our multi-carrier SIM automatically connects to the strongest signal available to ensure your business needs are met. In addition, your ARPU is maximized by eliminating the need for your IT department to manage a variety of different carriers. We take care of it for you.