in joining
our team?

Strong connections in any business start with employees.

This is definitely true for MTREX.

We appreciate people who know what they want in their career. It may be a job with a specific company, or a position in a certain industry. Or maybe it’s just how you want to feel after putting in a hard day’s work. We can relate to that, because that’s what drives us every day.

MTREX wants everyone on our team to feel a sense of purpose, belonging and the confidence to share any sparks of creativity in their work.

We are looking for people who:

Consider themselves to be a people person — our customers are businesses but it's the relationship you build with customers that comes first!

Are passionate about learning, innovation and have a sense of curiosity

Are future-thinkers

Are dedicated strong problem-solvers committed to providing excellent customer service

Have experience with IoT, technology and data networks, and/or industries that use IoT devices such as Point of Sale (POS), Asset Monitoring and Tracking

You may also be a good fit for us by being:

A people person — our clients are businesses but it's the relationship you build with the clients that come first!

Passionate about innovation

A future-thinker

A dedicated problem-solver

Experienced in loT, data networks and technology — we know that's pretty broad, and we recognize all relevant experience.

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