Option 1 would look like: 1 Shared Emergency Fund account

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high quality Replica Hermes Then, we each currently have our own savings accounts and checking accounts. We both work and our 401k hermes kelly replica and IRA are through our respective companies.Option 1 would look like: 1 Shared Emergency Fund account, 1 Checking Account, 1 Savings AccountOption 2 would look like: 1 Shared Emergency Fund account, 2 Separate Checking Accounts, 2 Separate Savings AccountsOption 3 would look like: hermes belt replica uk Option 2 but with access to view all accountsI guess I looking for some input or advice from people who have shared accounts vs separate and the pro and con of each. When responding, please keep the divorce sentiment out of it and the possibility of getting screwed with money.For info, we: have purchased our current home, have an affordable mortgage, both work, expect kids in 2 3 years, have affordable and reasonable plans to pay off car student loans, no cc debt or other significant financial obligations. high quality Replica Hermes

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