It costs money that could be spent on other things

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Canada Goose Jackets Retinues ARE prohibitively expensive. That kind of the point. However, it important to realize they are only so expensive when they are reinforcing. Once they reach full strength the actual upkeep cost is much lower than for raised levies. So it costs money to get them and it costs money to use them in battle or assaults (becuase you have to recover loses), but having them sitting at full strength is very cheap. Canada Goose Jackets

If you want to get the most bang for your buck the best choice are Camel Cavalry (which only specific cultures can recruit), followed by Light Infantry (which is generally available). Initially you be forced to use your retinues in conjunction with your levy and Light Infantry excels at that. It main downside (large numbers causing supply limit issues) is downplayed when most of the army is a levy and it usually doesn mess up your tactic selection.

If you grow really big you eventually reach a point where you can have retinue armies operating on their own. At that point Light Skirmish retinue canada goose jacket outlet uk becomes problematic due to supply limit issues and it becomes a good idea to supplement it with Defence retinue. Light Infantry, Archers, and Pikemen work well together. They all benefit from using Shieldwall tactic for example.

Canada Goose online If you get even bigger you may eventually start looking at more expensive unit types, but for 90% of canada goose outlet los angeles the game the above should suffice. Canada Goose online

And if your culture gives you the canada goose outlet camel retinue always use that for your fighting armies. It disgustingly overpowered. Seriously. samsung galaxy cover 4 Only create a duchy if you have a specific reason to do so. It costs money that could be spent on other things. Muslims don have the issue, but in other religions duchies tend to also fragment the land, which is something you usually want to avoid as a small number of powerful vassals is easier to keep happy than a swarm of small ones.

There is a decision to redistribute excess titles. Any chance you may have used that by mistake?

Councilors can quit if they hate you. They also tend to be auto dismissed on inheritance.

Go with the flow. Pay attention to your children or more specifically, pay attention to likely heirs (the first 3 to 5 people in line). Anyone who isn going to inherit is largely irrelevant.

canada goose clearance I go for crushing them. canada goose clearance

Muslims use open succession under which the heir is whichever son (or brother if there are no sons) has the highest and the most titles. funda carcasa samsung j7 2016

You never get a message when a councilor quits or is otherwise dismissed.

If the ladies have good teacher traits (Patient, Kind, a high tier education trait) you may wish to keep them. There is no special benefit or downside to marrying them off. carcasa iphone x wonderful

canadian goose jacket Depends on the specifics, but many of these heads up message about inheritance prove to be false alarms. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Coats On Sale You generate threat if you war too much and then your neighbors will start to team up in defensive pacts. But there are ways to deal with defensive canada goose outlet 80 off pacts and they can be turned off when you starting a new game. iphone se carcasa transparente the one you playing right now). So either you have to jump through a few hoops to return to the current patch or you have to start a new game. My suggestion is to treat your current campaign as a learning experience and go for a new game in the new patch. carcasa iphone 7 baratas The map changes are all rather exciting and there will be a revamped character screen with more room to display traits and fancy features like a list of all the people your character has killed in plots and duels. There will also be a revamped crusade system in the free patch. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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Canada Goose Online If you pressed canada goose outlet store near me a claim for a county your main problem is that you are a count. A count can have another count as a vassal. You can only have baron tier vassals. You need to be a duke (petty king) in order to have count tier vassals, a king to have duke tier vassals, and an emperor to have king tier vassals. carcasas iphone 7 on board Canada Goose Online

A second problem is that when you press someone claim they only become your vassal if they are of your dynasty, if you are the de jure liege of the claimed title, or if they are already your vassal. This is in addition to the rank requirement above, so if as duke you press a vassal count claim on a duchy you will lose the vassal (because he now be of equal rank as you and can no longer be your vassal). You would even lose the county he had before.

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The same way as any official canada goose outlet other wife. Homosexual just gives 15% fertility, which means that you can generally expect to get about 70% as many kids from her as normal. carcasa spigen iphone 6s plus canada goose outlet usa Fertility is a hidden stat and it typically has a base value of somewhere around 50%.

The way fertility functions for married couples is that you multiply the fertility of the husband and wife and that gives you the chance to get a baby per year. 50% canada goose outlet store uk 50% = 25%, so the normal rate is a child every 4 years (on average).

canada goose uk black friday There are several things you can do to compensate: canada goose uk black friday

1) If you have Way of Life DLC canada goose outlet eu you can pick Family canada goose parka uk or Seduction focus.

2) If you have Conclave DLC you can pick the ambition to groom an heir, which also gives you a fertility bonus.

3) If you do NOT have Conclave you can instead pick the ambition to have a son or daughter. Both will give you a substantial fertility bonus until you get a child of the specified gender.

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