His response was that CRA expects tax lawyers and accountants

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One day when I was there, there was a man who acted up in court and was sent back to the jail. He was strapped into a restraint chair for transport from the court to the jail, and I went with the officers to retrieve him and bring him back to a cell. And they kept talking to him because they knew him.

I think the idea here is basically that if they challenge it on the state level and the state validates it because the likelihood is that SCOWA rubber stamps it because WA courts hate guns, that those rulings would be held against the challenge when it goes to the 9th district, which also hates guns, and basically they want as luxury replica bags few validations of the initiative by lower courts so that if/when it goes to SCOTUS bag replica high quality the arguments heard aren’t polluted by bullshit. That would be my approach at least. And if that doesn’t work I think they can always come back and challenge it at the state level on procedural grounds (although I’m not sure of this part)..

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