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Trump and Corey Lewandowski in Nevada just days after he mocked a 10

Trump touches down in Nevada with Corey Lewandowski in tow just canada goose outlet toronto factory days after the campaign manager mocked a 10 year old illegal immigrant with Down syndrome separated from her mother by saying ‘womp, womp’Trump and Lewandowski landed in Nevada where the president is scheduledto give a speech to the state’s Republican Party and attend a roundtableThis comes after Lewndowski was criticizedfor mocking a 10 year old disabled illegal immigrant girl on Fox NewsWednesday the top campaign canada goose outlet orlando manager said he was mocking a Democratic strategist who used a child for political purposesHe said: ‘An apology? I owe an apology to the children whose parents are putting them in a position that is forcing them to be separated’He also said an apology was owed to kids whose goose outlet canada parents canadagoosecanadaoutlet were killed by illegal immigrantsLewandowski was on air Tuesday night with DNC strategist Zac Petkanas, who shared the story of the girlBut before Petkanas could finish, he said ‘womp, womp’ and rolled his eyes’How dare you, how absolutely dare you sir,’ Petkanas replied, clearly disgustedMegyn Kelly and Meghan McCain among those who have spoken out on TwitterBy

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski joins the president in Nevada this weekend, just days after being embroiled in controversy for mocking a 10 year old disabled illegal immigrant girl on live television.

The pair, along with several other staffers, landed in Las Vegas Saturday where the president is scheduled give a speech to the Nevada Republican Party and attend a canada goose jacket outlet roundtable on canada goose outlet houston tax reform.

The trip comes after Lewandowski denied the claims he was mocking the disabled immigrant girl and said he did not owe her an apology for his ‘womp womp’ remark that sparked outrage.

buy canada goose jacket cheap However, canada goose jacket outlet uk the former campaign manager claimed he was really mocking ‘a liberal who attempted to politicize children’ with his biting comment on Fox News Tuesday. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Outlet Trump tweeted ahead of the four hour journey: ‘Heading to Nevada to talk trade and immigration with supporters. Country’s economy is stronger than ever before with numbers that are getting better by the week. Tremendous potential, and trade deals are coming along well.’ Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose factory sale Lewandowski also said he doesn’t own the child an apology. canada goose factory sale

canada goose uk shop ‘An apology? I owe an apology to the children whose parents are putting them in a position that is forcing them to be separated,’ he told Fox News Wednesday morning. canada goose uk shop

He went on to say an apology was owed to children whose parents were killed by illegal immigrants.

canadian goose jacket ‘We owe an apology to Jamiel Shaw and Brian Terry and Kate canada goose outlet website legit Steinle’s family who have allowed those individuals to be killed by illegal aliens. The American people owe an apology to those people,’ he said. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose sale He dismissed the matter as ‘fake news.’ Canada Goose sale

‘Lots of Fake News today. I mocked a liberal who canada goose factory outlet vancouver attempted to politicize children as opposed to discussing the real issue which is fixing a broken immigration system. It’s offenseive that the MSM doesn’t want to talk about the fact these policies were started under Obama,’ Lewandowski wrote on Twitter.

His comments come just a day canada goose outlet after Fox News host Laura Inragham called the children detention centers ‘essentially summer camps’.

cheap canada goose uk ‘I read today about a 10 year old girl with Down syndrome who was taken from her mother and put in a cage’ Petkanas began. cheap canada goose uk

But before he could finish, Lewandowski merely replied: ‘Womp, womp’.

canada goose clearance Lewandowski returned to Fox News Wednesday morning to defend his comments. canada goose clearance

canada goose store ‘My comment was specifically about Zac trying to politicize the use of children as a political football in this discussion. Because the law is very clear: when parents commit crimes by coming into this country, regardless of who their children are, they are separated because we are a nation of laws,’ he said. canada goose store

He was pressed about his ‘womp womp’ remark and whether it was directed toward the girl with Down syndrome.

‘I don’t know the young girl that Zac referenced,’ Lewandowski said. ‘I was mocking Zach, a liberal Democrat National Committee activist who is doing nothing but politicizing the issues.’

He added that ‘if we are going to talk about children and illegal immigration let’s canada goose outlet ottawa talk about Kate Steinle and Jamiel Shaw who were permanently separated from their families because they were killed by illegal immigrants. Let’s talk about Brian Terry and his family. The border agent who was killed. A police officer killed on the border and whose son was shot on the face in his stoop in California by an illegal immigrant and Kate Steinle. Let’s talk about families permanently separated because the mainstream media has been so outrageous about this.’

Shaw was a Los Angeles teenager killed in May 2008 byPedro Espinoza, an illegal immigrant who had just been released from jail. Shaw’s shooting sparked controversy and political debate over Los Angeles’ status as a sanctuary city.

Steinle was killed in July 2015 by Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, a Mexican national unlawfully residing in the United States.

United States Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in December 2010 and his death brought the ATF’s ‘gun walking’ program under heavy scrutiny.

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