"By 2020, market forecasts indicate that 25.6 billion devices will be connected. Of these, 10.5 billion will connect using mobile technology, with a dedicated SIM and a connection to a mobile network."- Machine Research.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is made up of advanced sensors, intelligent machines, data networks and analytic software. We are entering an era where information technology is needed to maximize the efficiency of our most critical physical infrastructures in established industries. The IIoT is about capturing data, analyzing it to seek out efficiencies, and automating a response to instantly capture those efficiencies. Pervasive connectivity and interconnectivity between physical assets + machines + the Internet is turning massive data into new insight and intelligence. This will assist established industries in operating their assets more efficiently and opening up entirely new markets. The business opportunities around the IIoT are tremendous.

Mtrex Is a Leading Global IIoT Solutions Provider

We, at Mtrex, provide these connections using our secure mobile, virtual global network and solutions. Mtrex has forged partnerships with Tier 1 carriers in the Americas and Europe in order to leverage the very best Internet Protocol (“IP”) infrastructure. In doing so, we offer our clients a robust international network using dedicated connections directly into each of our mobile network operators.

Mtrex has made this possible by building our infrastructure using static IPs, on a global platform, with local data centres in a fully secured wireless network. The combination of partnerships, expertise and industry-leading technology enables Mtrex to customize data solutions to meet specific business and geographical requirements worldwide.

Mtrex’s services are geared towards enterprise and application solution providers. Our use of GSM and CDMA technology, along with our international data centre  and sales office  locations give our clients a leading edge global business solution.

We offer our clients:

  • A Secure Wireless Infrastructure
  • Static IP Standardized
  • Simplified Billing
  • Bundled Solutions to Maximize ARPU and Returns
  • Worldwide Coverage by Global Regions
  • End to End Solutions Management
  • Dual, Redundant Network Data Centres

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