The Sheetla Colony resident had picked up the gas lighter to

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canada goose uk black friday Suman Gautam, who canada goose outlet woodbury was puttering in her kitchen to make tea early on Wednesday morning, was jolted out of her reverie when spotted a five foot long, male, Indian Rock Python coiled up in her kitchen. The Sheetla Colony resident had picked up the gas lighter to ignite the burner, when she spotted something moving canada goose outlet usa under it. It took Suman under 10 minutes to alert her husband and the entire neighbourhood of the find. canada goose uk black friday

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buy canada goose jacket Together, the duo try to catch bad guys (sometimes unsuccessfully), recover escaped animals (like Snagglepuss and Yakky Doodle, who also made early appearances here), retrieve stolen jewels, babysit little kids, and sometimes even help fairy tale characters. The most frequent villains that the pair faces are the Evil Scientist family, consisting of “J.”, his wife Goona, and their son Junior. These three characters all take inspiration from Charles Addams’ “Addams Family” comics (which Hanna Barbera would eventually go on to make two animated series based on) buy canada goose jacket.

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