Sure, Watt said the Texans want to win the AFC South title

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Hermes Belt Replica I not too big into that whole narrative of, you know, look at what they did good! because, quite frankly, at the end of the day it doesn matter. It about results. Sure, Watt said the Texans want to win the AFC South title every year if they can. WAMU’s Carmel Delshad reported that hundreds of counterdemonstrators converged in Lafayette Square, the grassy, White House adjacent park, to meet the white supremacists. As NPR’s Tim Mak reported, the counterdemonstrators began gathering in the early afternoon as music played and speakers talked about the importance of their protest. NPR’s Jeff Brady told NPR’s All Things Considered that though he was in Lafayette Park for the demonstrators’ speeches, it was impossible to hear them because of the overwhelming dominance of the counterdemonstrators.. Hermes Belt Replica

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