Helping Secure People, Facilities and Assets – Simply and Cost Effectively

The surveillance and monitoring marketplace has been evolving from fixed line, analog delivery methods used in the beginning of this century to a more integrated, wireless solution available today. Solar Power Security Camera Systems from Mtrex delivers the next generation in advanced remote monitoring and video surveillance solutions. These “Green Power” or Solar Powered units provide cost free, environmentally friendly energy production to sustain continuous system operation. These units offer a combination of solar power, security and surveillance technology as well as wireless communications to achieve any outdoor remote monitoring need such as, hotels and resorts, port authorities, and oil and gas fields, just to name a few. Beyond basic security, new capabilities are being added to enhance and improve surveillance and monitoring solutions. Alerts can now be delivered in multiple modes (Smartphone, PC, Tablet, email, audio, picture capture).


How Mtrex Can Help

Mtrex understands what it takes to deliver wireless data and has partnered with leading surveillance and monitoring companies to provide integrated M2M services optimized for the security industry. Mtrex solutions supports pull or push mode for field images via efficient use of 3G and LTE bandwidth. Our self sufficient power source is powered by a solar panel which continuously recharges the batteries.  Ultra low power consumption and rechargable batteries provides for an absolutely GREEN SOLUTION.


Features & Benefits
  • No cabling or external power required-easy to install and relocate
  • IR night vision enabled
  • GPS module included
  • Delivered in multiple modes- Smartphone, email, audio, picture capture
  • Supports pull or push mode for field images
  • Self-sufficient power source-powered by solar panel, rechargeable batteries. Ultra low power consumption.
  • Absolutely GREEN SOLUTION