Broadband Wireless Primary

With Mtrex’s fully redundant and secure PCI compliant wireless network, you can securely connect business locations using wireless access over a single, privately managed MPLS-based IP network.  There will be situations where utilizing a dedicated/partial T1, cable or DSL access may be cost prohibitive based on location.

Mtrex understands  your network requirements vary with different needs at  different locations.  We offer a very cost effective wireless solution without sacrificing performance, reliability and security that your network infrastructure requires.

Broadband Wireless Back-Up

Mtrex Wireless Backup service can help your business remain open to customers during a wireline MPLS or VPN outage. Mtrex wireless back-up provides you with a reliable, robust  and secure wireless access which is virtually independent from your primary wireline connection.

High-Level Wireless Back-Up for Disaster Recovery

Mtrex ’s wireless back-up solutions provide network diversity through an alternate wireless connection, and seamless transitions to failover.

Is Mobile Wireless Backup right for you?

This solution is best suited for supporting companies with multiple locations which rely on mission critical applications such as, inbound or outbound critical traffic, web research or point-of-sale transactions, e-mail, and web servers, etc. Wireless Backup is also well-suited to businesses that focus on a single industry—such as retail, finance, utilities, medical, or security. For example, consider an online retail business whose profitability depends on reliable Internet access. With Mtrex wireless back-up, that business can still remain open even during an MPLS or VPN wireline outage.