Success comes from knowing we have put together the necessary team, product and infrastructure to support our promise of custom, seamless and sustainable wireless connectivity. We have the technical depth and knowledge to assist our customers with IoT proof of concept, implementation, deployments and operational support. Without these elements, that promise is just a collection of words.

Here’s how we keep you connected:

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MTREX provides Native, Global and Multi-Carrier SIM cards. Read more.

All connections are with Tier 1 carriers

Read more about global coverage through our extensive Partner Network.

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Monitor and manage all your connectivity needs on one platform. Read more.

Customization for your specific needs.

Real-time viewing of SIM activity and usage.

Consolidated view of all SIMs and carrier networks is available.

Real-time viewing of SIM activity and usage.

Real-time rule based alerts and SIM life cycle controls.

Robust API to seamlessly integrate portal information to your other business processes and support your evolving loT requirements.

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Integrate our information into your own applications and other business processes seamlessly.

Export all or any part of the MPORT User Console via an API – giving you full control over your entire IoT network in any way you want.

MTREX’s Multi-Carrier SIM card allows for ease of international deployment with one SIM card regardless of the country or region. Automatically switches from one region to the next and selects the network with the strongest signal.

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Customized billing to address your needs and your End Customers’ needs.

Pooling of data.

Proactively monitoring of data usage by MTREX.

Data optimization tools to ensure cost certainty.

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When an outage occurs, MTREX’s back-up solution will automatically switch to high speed cellular network connectivity. Read more.

Once the primary service is restored, the MTREX back-up solution will automatically switch to standby mode.

Our preconfigured router works with existing on-site networking gear and provides a complete connectivity solution including Wi-Fi.

MTREX’s stand by wireless data plan with pooled data usage is monitored by MTREX’s MPORT Control Center.

It is secure, easy to use, reliable and affordable.

Contact MTREX for further information.

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