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As a busy business person, you have equipment that you reply on each and every day; a payment processors, tablets and mobile appliance, etc. When one of those items is out of service, it sets you back in many ways. In partnership with Benefits on Madison, we ease the burden by providing access to our nationwide repair network. We can’t prevent your equipment from breakdown, but when you have an issue, we assure you of the shortest downtime possible.





BUSINESS EQUIPMENT SERVICE PLAN– Benefits to you, the merchant ISO

  • Increase customer affinity by adding a new customer touch point.
  • Reward loyalty, increase retention, and attract new customers by offering a month of free membership on new or ‘preferred’ accounts.
  • Generate sales by offering a complimentary plan with option for up sale.
  • Create New Marketing Channels: As a merchant benefit, you will have access to exclusive programs to offer to your customers, Special benefits, and new programs will be available to you at advantageous pricing.