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military. Documenting Hate: New American Nazis, a new documentary airs Nov. 20 on PBS.

Armed with an AR 15 and three handguns, the gunman killed 11 Jewish worshippers, ranging in age from canada goose outlet 54 to 97.

The violent, anti Semitic attack stunned much of America.

FRONTLINE and ProPublica have been investigating the resurgence of violent white supremacy in America for more than a year, in reporting that has helped lead to multiple arrests. That reporting continues on Nov. 20 with Documenting Hate: New canada goose outlet michigan American Nazis a new documentary investigating Atomwaffen Division, a neo Nazi group that calls for racially motivated, “lone wolf” terror attacks like the one in Pittsburgh. military. Thompson and reporter Ali Winston canada goose outlet toronto factory talk with canada goose outlet new york a former member of the group, who sheds light on its terrorist objectives.

Canada Goose online “Atomwaffen Division, it’s a Nazi extremist group seeking to spread terror. The main thing is lone wolf activity,” says the former Atomwaffen member, who asks Thompson to call canadagooseofficials him John and disguise his canada goose outlet toronto address voice. Canada Goose online

As the film explores, this sort of approach has helped the white power movement continue to exist under the radar over the years since such attacks often present as random, isolated occurrences, rather than as outgrowths of an organized white power movement.

canada goose uk shop “They don’t see themselves as terrorists. Rather, they see the United States as the ultimate terrorist,” John canada goose outlet in montreal tells FRONTLINE and ProPublica of Atomwaffen’s ideology. canada goose uk shop

Canada Goose Outlet All told, the documentary is a chilling and eye opening look at violent white supremacist groups in America: how they operate, what their aims are, and what’s being done to stop them. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap For the first time in its 20 year history, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit ended in disarray Sunday when the 21 member countries could not reach consensus on a joint statement because of objections by one member China. When the summit failed, to the disgust of the other diplomats, Chinese officials broke out in applause. buy canada goose jacket cheap

But that was only the final incident in a week during which China’s official delegation staged a series of aggressive, bullying, paranoid and weird stunts to try to exert dominance and pressure the host nation and everyone else into succumbing to its demands. official involved in the negotiations told me. “Them walking around like they own the place and trying to get what they want through bullying.”

Even before the summit started, and continuing right up to its end, Chinese officials used every opportunity to strong arm or undermine the host nation government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the other summit members. delegation leader.

I was traveling with Pence, and the APEC summit was his last stop in a week long Asia tour, which included visits to Japan, Australia and canada goose outlet store uk Singapore, where the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit was held. The PNG stop was a showdown of sorts between Pence and Chinese President Xi Jinping, who had been in Port Moresby for several days prior for an official state visit.

canadian goose jacket China’s attempted “charm offensive” was visible everywhere. The Chinese delegation had filled the streets of Port Moresby with Chinese flags for Xi’s state visit. officials said. The Chinese officials eventually complied, but then replaced canada goose outlet online store them with solid red flags almost identical to the official Chinese flags, but without the yellow stars. canadian goose jacket

cheap canada goose uk A huge banner along a major thoroughfare touted China’s One Belt, One Road economic initiative as “not only a road of cooperation and win win situation, but also a road of hope and peace!” In his speech at APEC, Pence called it “a constricting belt” and “a one way road.” cheap canada goose uk

China’s first outwardly intimidating move was to ban all international media from Xi’s meeting with the leaders of eight Pacific nations. Journalists had traveled from around the region to attend the event, and the PNG government gave them credentials. But Chinese officials barred them from entering the building and only allowed China’s state media to cover it. official called it an “own goal” by canada goose outlet uk China, because the journalists then could only write about China’s brutish behavior.

canada goose coats on sale Things got worse from there. On Saturday, Xi and Pence were the final two official speakers at the public part of the summit. They gave their speeches on a cruise ship docked off the coast, while most journalists were stationed on shore in the International Media Center. But five minutes into Pence’s remarks, the Internet in the media center crashed for most of the reporters there, meaning they couldn’t hear or report on it in real time. canada goose coats on sale

Just as Pence was finishing his speech, the media center’s Internet mysteriously came back on. officials told me although they couldn’t be sure China was responsible they were investigating what happened. official asked me. (No.) “And who was that speaker again?” (Xi.)

canada goose uk outlet Then things got even crazier. Behind the scenes, the buy canada goose uk member countries were furiously negotiating over the joint statement. Chinese officials, not happy with how they were faring inside the negotiations, demanded a meeting with the PNG foreign minister. He declined, not wanting to appear to violate PNG’s neutrality as summit chair. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose The Chinese officials wouldn’t take no for an answer. They went to the foreign ministry and physically barged into his office, demanding he meet with them. He called the local police to get them out of the building. Every diplomat I talked to in PNG was stunned by China’s actions. But that’s not the end of it canada goose.

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