It sounds like it does you, which is amazing

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It not what you asking about, but after I was diagnosed my psychiatrist did a blood test for estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. My levels were through the floor. That was the start of my POF diagnosis.

Canada Goose Parka IMO hormone levels can be very telling. If you do have a hormonal problem testing is the first step to fixing it. Maybe start with a single blood draw to get an idea before dropping $400, but if you want that information no matter what the initial test night say, I go for it. Canada Goose Parka

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I wasn’t aware 5mg of adderall XR would have any effect on an adult. It sounds like it does you, which is amazing.

uk canada goose If that small of a dose helps and yet still gives you side effects, you might try switching to Wellbutrin (which is also a CNS stimulant) that could help provide focus without the robot daytime side effects and end of the day crash and cry mood swing. uk canada goose

Or switch to Adderall IR tablets which makes it easier to control the dose. You can just break up the pills and adjust dose as needed. No need to toss half the dose away. You just have to take it more frequently.

Source I’ve been on Adderall or related meds for 17 years along with Wellbutrin.

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My anxiety is worse in the mornings (and coffee doesn’t help). I’m also prone to panicky situations in work meetings. I tried some concentrated CBD oil the night before a big morning meeting it definitely helped canada goose outlet uk with the anxiety! I was even able to speak up. However it did make me feel veryyyy groggy waking up and lasted through lunchtime. I was a little spazzy and canada goose outlet online store slow (I asked someone when the annual work Halloween event was. It’s on Halloween DUH!)

Canada Goose Coats On canadagooseoutletcanada Sale Anyway CBD oil is worth trying! I’ve also been enjoying subtle canada goose outlet belgium effects from passionflower extract. Good luck! Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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I know exactly the feeling you describe. It’s this low pit, bottom of the barrel feeling in which you just want to isolate yourself. You feel numb and can’t muster up the energy to “fake” the happiness that comes so easily to everyone else.

canada goose uk black friday Totally know what you mean in wanting to pack up your life and leave your family for a remote place. I think about this too in my darkest times. I’m currently in canada goose outlet authentic that “bottom of the well” place you are in right now. But in a few days, it will seem to rise higher and higher and we won’t have to see the bottom of it again for at least 2 3 weeks. canada goose uk black friday

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I thought the same. Brain fog would get worse in the afternoon and I thought it was because the caffeine was wearing canada goose factory outlet out.

Now I think caffeine gives me brain fog and the increased brain fog in the afternoon was my baseline brainfog + withdrawal from caffeine or fatigue. I actually tried quitting caffeine many times before but the longest I got to was a day. I quickly get back on it due to the heightened anxiety and brain fog. Also yes, anxiety got really bad for a few days after I quit coffee.

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Innnnnteresting! Coffee and caffeine seem synonymous but it’s important to think of them separately if you’re looking for a root cause.

uk canada goose outlet I am with you in regards to reaction to iced v. hot, too! And the BPC theory could also be to try to consume certain fats (ie coconut oil) at the same time. I bought the BP “brain octane oil” which is specially derived aminos similar but superior to coconut oil. Have it at the same time as regular coffee and haven’t noticed much of an effect. 2 points canada goose outlet shop submitted 1 month ago uk canada goose outlet

I don have rapid cycling, but sleep my menstrual cycle affects my moods. If I mania too hard one day and sleep either too late, or too lightly as a result, I bound to crash for at least a day and will be unable to work. Meanwhile I incredibly high and manic at the onset of canada goose vest outlet my menses, then after a few days this melts into anxiety, then finally into a down or low energy mood. If I take care of myself I stabilize after a week or enter a light mania for the rest if the month.

drink meds regularly, avoid coffee and alcohol, stay on a regular sleep schedule, minimize sugar, chocolates, green and black teas, and carbohydrates (those trigger mania for me too btw), avoid doing overtime canada goose outlet at work, exercise regularly, meditate canada goose womens outlet regularly, etcetera.

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canada goose clearance Thanks so much for sharing. That awesome you able to kind of gauge your mood and have figured out these natural and healthy ways to feel better and more stabilized. It canada goose outlet price so many factors to keep track of! I guess that what I finding frustrating, just how high maintenance it is to try to “control” how you will feel on a given day. But that good to see you follow a comprehensive plan. I still pinpointing factors. canada goose clearance

interesting that you mention the mania at the onset of menses that what I dealing with now. There is definitely a correlation between estrogen and serotonin, and I think some womencan be sensitive to these little fluctuations all month long.

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