Imagine you a school teacher and give a girl a bad grade

Stressing on the issue of economic imbalance, he observed: are among five countries in the world where children die of drinking dirty water, and find their growth stunted due to malnutrition. But, on the other hand, our elite class are leading lavish lifestyles. Many as 25 million of our children are out of schools, our youth are unemployed, and we are facing climate change issues.

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“I think that the director of the CBI should report directly to the Supreme Court and work independently and autonomously, like the Election Commissioner. The term for the director should also be longer than the current two years. Both those who defend and criticise the CBI, are they willing to make these changes?”.

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Cambridge is also known for a lot of firsts in this country. For example, in 2004 it became the first city in Massachusetts and therefore in the United States to legally issue marriage license applications to same sex couples. It was also the first city in the country to elect an openly gay African American mayor, Ken Reeves.

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