I mean all the interviews, not that one in particular

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Try to be aware of your audience’s attention span. If they are ready to read another book go ahead. If not, maybe do a finger play related to your theme, then go straight to your final song. You hear some of the statements of Mr. Ware in particular that the present system we have is corrupt, and has a lot of other issues with it as well, it necessary that we have to take action, and we have to take the most immediate action we can, DeLeo said. Are concerned we not getting the best people in jobs at the probation office.

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A painter of fine art portraits is called an artist the same as a floral arranger and interior decorator. A concert violinist is an artist the same as a rock band guitarist. However they have very different training and skill levels. Mercifully, it was the atrocities of Saddam that finally moved the West to act on the Kurds’ behalf. After a silly civil war between their two leading political parties, they unified and began rebuilding their beloved Kurdistan. They declared themselves a democracy, passed a law that offered foreign investors sweeping incentives, and began fashioning the “Kurdish Miracle” now celebrated the world over..

I gave her cinderella dreams, Jason Bourne skills, and a past riddled with the unimaginable. My books don’t sit on the shelves at B Target, Wal mart, or gift shops in airports. Getting readers to take a chance on my writing is a hard sell even with a $3.99 price tag.

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