However, for encouraging large greenfield projects one needs

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Designer Fake Bags Siddhartha Roy answers, For improving investment scenario govt has announced 15% investment allowance for total investments over Rs.100 crores in plant and machinery during the two yrs ending March 2015. This coupled with an RBI rate cut which should be possible in an environment of fiscal consolidation can provide the necessary encouragement to brownfield investors in both private and public sector. However, for encouraging large greenfield projects one needs to hve further reform measures in the areas of land acquisition, regulatory/environmental clearances, mining rights etc.. Designer Fake Bags

Anyway, it great fun to meet the extended family but this time, I noticed what exactly we say when we meet. And mind you, this is typical of most families and I taking mine, who I love unconditionally, only as an example (Mom, please don kill me). As soon as I entered, three aunts asked, gayi? (Have you come?) Without even questioning the relevance of such a question, when they could see every inch of my it frame with their eyes, I replied to all three of them (conditioning, you see)..

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