Create your own borderless Wi-Fi when and where you need it.

amalfi picCreate your own private and secure borderless mobile hotspot when and where you need it. Now any Wi-Fi device can enjoy 4G*/3G connectivity at just the touch of a button. The Mtrex mobile hotspot fits in the palm of your hand and wirelessly connects up to 10 devices: laptops, tablets, music players and so much more.

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Payment Processing


Powering Mobile Transactions – offering M2M transaction capabilities, convenience and security for commercial segments as diverse as temporary ATM machines, vending machines, mobile payment in taxis…. read more

Asset Tracking


The vehicle location and fleet tracking market helped birth the growing M2M industry as fleet route optimization… read more

Wireless Broadband


With Mtrex’s fully redundant and secure PCI compliant wireless network, you can securely connect business locations using wireless access…read more

Mobile Wifi

Mtrex introduces two cutting edge products, the Amalfi Borderless Wifi and the VOLO ll Rocket-Stick