He’s done little to help his reputation since

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Rondo tore the ACL in his right knee about four years ago, right as he was inheriting the reins as leader of the Celtics. He’s done little to help his reputation since. The perception of Rondo as a perpetual malcontent is overblown, but there is no doubt that when he loses his composure, he loses it in a big way.

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Ironically, the World War II Nuclear Holocaust in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is only mentioned once, by an elderly, female survivor and board member of the Tokyo Holocaust Center, who characterizes this genocide as “our fault,” contrasting it with the innocent victims of the Nazi’s European Holocaust. Her words are astonishingly devoid of bitterness, given the magnitude of the horrors of the nuclear bombings and their aftermath. This Canadian Japanese project also fails to mention or connect itself to the internment of Japanese Americans in camps in California during World War II.

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