Before you buy: be sure you have a compatible phone

Most GSM mobile phones are compatible with the GLOBAL1 Overlay SIM card and service.

Currently, GLOBAL1 does not support the following phones. Please check that your phone is not on the list before purchasing GLOBAL1.

Incompatible Phone List

Brand Model Note
LG 1900 Not supported
LG Chocolate TG800 Not supported
Motorola XT300 Spice Not supported
PALM P101UNA Not supported

BLACKBERRY USERS! GLOBAL1 works with RIM BlackBerry devices for voice calls and SMS messages. Currently we don’t support BlackBerry data or BBM service. To use BlackBerry data services while roaming with the GLOBAL1 SIM, please switch off GLOBAL1 (menu, GLOBAL1 OFF) to access data. Keep in mind – you will be accessing data on your home carrier plan, subject to their roaming rates. When ready to switch back, (menu, GLOBAL1 ON) all voice and SMS calls will be charged at GLOBAL1 rates, up to 80% off regular roaming charges.

Compatible SIM Sizes

The GLOBAL1 Micro Overlay SIM and GLOBAL1 Nano Overlay SIM cards are in development.

SIM card size Example device type Availability
GLOBAL1 Overlay SIM (standard/mini) iPhone 3/3GS, HTC Desire X Available now
GLOBAL1 Micro Overlay SIM iPhone 4/4s, Galaxy S III Early 2013
GLOBAL1 Nano Overlay SIM iPhone 5 Q2/Q3 2013



There are many factors that impact the GLOBAL1 SIM and device compatibility. There are an enormous variability of handsets available worldwide and different versions of mobile operating systems. While the GLOBAL1 SIM is consistently tested and works with most GSM phones, we cannot guarantee 100% device compatibility. All sales of the GLOBAL1 SIM card are final.