Bitcoin loses the 1 spot, and “utility” (EOS, ETH) and

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Maybe the “Store of Value” narrative takes a blow canada goose outlet edmonton from which it never truly recovers. Bitcoin loses the 1 spot, and “utility” (EOS, ETH) and “investment” (XRP, XLM) canada goose outlet ontario chains take over.

canada goose uk outlet Because if you think about it, Bitcoin makes absolutely no sense. I not even talking about it ridiculous Global Warming consensus mechanism. I just talking about the tokenomics. The “fixed supply digital gold” nonsense. canada goose uk outlet

But that is the narrative. It doesn mean there will be demand for tokens that give true returns. There will be a demand for tokens who sell the story of returns.

So now you have a frenzy of canada goose outlet online store review “gambling dapp tokens” on EOS. Why is that? Because they are selling the “Staking” narrative: you are the casino, in the way that actually matters, that is, you can lend stake to the casino contract, and you profit from the house edge. You become the house without having to actually do all of the work and the risk required to set up an actual casino. You just click a few buttons and voila, instant gambling magnate.

FunFair does that, but it does so indirectly, through the canada goose outlet orlando FUN singe. But is that a powerful story like the “Staking” story?

But so far that is all irrelevant, because it does not matter at all what the FUN price is, right? Whether token holders understand that the singe works just like staking or not, it will have easy to use fiat money gateways, so players will be insulated from the volatility or the price of FUN. The market of FUN is businesses, and businesses market the product for people who won really be exposed to FUN volatility.

But. let think Bitcoin $100. What socially happens to “altcoins” that are perceived as “store of value,” that is, “altcoins” whose token holder “automatic gains/rents by holding” proposition isn clear? They may end up being branded as radioactive waste all of them, wholesale. It will be a mass trial by the public with no real regard to proceedings.

2019 will witness an explosion of “stablecoins.” It the new buzzword. Suddenly, every crypto talking head will be an expert on “tokenomics” and how these “store of value” tokens with no active (sellable, understandable) rent model are forever dead. Including Bitcoin.

So now there a possibility of players being suspicious of ever having their money touch one of the “forbidden tokenomics” models.

Canada Goose Jackets Now that is canada goose outlet a possibility I had not considered. Canada Goose Jackets

fcecin 3 points submitted 3 days ago

New thing I want to see is a magical DEX in the EOS network that not only has an USD stablecoin in it, but it has EOS tokens that canada goose outlet 2015 represent “teleported” ERC 20 tokens that you can buy and sell directly in the EOS network as if they were EOS tokens.

Canada Goose online So I can canada goose jacket uk buy and sell ERC 20 tokens without ever leaving the EOS blockchain. Just go in the dex and trade ERC 20 tokens and EOS tokens and I don even have to tell which is which. Canada Goose online

cheap Canada Goose So it doesn even matter if projects migrate to EOS or not. cheap Canada Goose

fcecin 2 points submitted 4 days ago

You only need about canada goose outlet in canada 2% of votes to elect a BP. If a BP has a 98% rejection rate that is, voters who do NOT want that BP to be voted in that BP still gets in.

uk canada goose A 50%+1 referendum to ban BPs plus the existing DPoS voting mechanism may not be the absolute best way to optimize the BP list, but they deal with the main problem, which is that of having an Undemocratic BP selection. uk canada goose

It is far more important to make sure that the BP list doesn have any BPs that the majority of people actively dislike. THAT is actively harmful to the social component of the DPoS network.

The exclusion of high rejection BPs via referendum ends ALL arguments of “Bad BPs buying their positions.” By referendums we can know that only BPs that the majority of the community stake actively accepts can ever be elected. 1 point submitted 3 days ago

Canada Goose Outlet Right so a whale with 2% of the vote can get it’s BP in but it can’t vote out other BPs with 2% of the vote. Seems like a good solution from a tokenomics point of view I would vote for it as a something to try on the main net. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose factory sale I guess the only down side is a little more added complexity. canada goose factory sale

canadian goose jacket Added bonus you will be able to see the true face of malicious whales if they start voting against good BP. If it’s just voter apathy then they won’t affect the outcome. canadian goose jacket

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canada goose coats I agree, bounty systems are tough. The system described above is more of an attempt to the wealth canada goose parka outlet uk to all the source that props projects up. Though donations are a far cry from an actual functioning business model (perhaps subscriptions with incentives?), I think there something to the idea of trickling money to packages upon which successful projects are built. It would encourage a competitive market at the canada goose outlet reviews bottom of the graph hopefully encouraging ongoing maintenance of packages canada goose coats.

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