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Company Overview

Drawing upon decades of experience in marketing, design and advertising, as the founders of Benefits on Madison, we married a passion with a demand. The benefits industry had a void. There were great products and services in the marketplace to be offered to customers, such as health benefits, home service agreements, and travel protection, but there was no way of delivering these products in an efficient, easy-to-access way to the masses.

Customer loyalty and retention is vital to any business, surely there was a way of taking such sought after products, and delivering them as perks to customers to aid in the retention strategy for our potential clients. We developed a method of delivery to make customers happy (they now had access to products and services they otherwise could not purchase), and keep those customers coming back to our clients for more.

Revised Copy (BOM)

Understanding the importance of top-level customer service, we built a contact solution center worthy of servicing 5-star customers.

Strong suppliers are the key to a solid offer to our clients. We found best-in-class suppliers for all of the industries we serve.

Expanding our client services allowed us to pull together all of the pieces to our giant puzzle. We could now offer end-to-end solutions with confidence