Mtrex Delivers a Secure Wireless Infrastruture

  • Achieved with 3G, 4G, LTE wireless data connection.
  • Wireless connectivity is handled via our own APN gateways and servers.
  • Dual, redundant, self-healing network data centres in Canada, U.S., Europe, South America and Asia, with automatic failover.
  • Scales to accommodate a vast number of connected devices. We deploy devices requiring as little as 10KB through to those needing 20GB of data and more.
  • Fully managed so that any configuration or inter connectivity changes between Mtrex and its carrier partners are seamless and transparent to the client.
  • Security protocol includes triple DES, SSL, encryption, secure separate DMZ, static IPs and private IP scheme.
  • Cisco Security Certified-CCIE A2011 and PCI certified-PCI DSS.
  • Physical infrastructure uses Class 1 AAA Facilities, co-locates with Tier 1 Telcos & Financial Institutions,       ISO 27001, ISO 22301.


Mtrex Network Infrastructure v2

4G connectivity can vary based on location