Mtrex Networks is a specialized provider of wireless services for the machine-to-machine (M2M) marketplace, powering hundreds of solution providers and application providers worldwide, including everything from vehicle location to utility metering, payment processing, asset management, offender tracking and more.

Mtrex provides:

  • Experienced staff exclusively dedicated to delivering the ultimate customer experience in M2M service delivery.
  • A single business management platform to control all of your devices, regardless of the technology or network, with full integration into your back-office business systems and workflow.
  • A custom designed, M2M optimized network featuring dual, fully redundant, self-healing data centers in 6 major centers in 5 countries throught the globe, built to handle data services for millions of devices.
  • The most flexible billing and rating plans available, which have been custom designed specifically for supporting the M2M eco-system.

Mtrex works in partnership with Major Wireless Carriers such as Rogers, Telus, Bell Mobility, AT&T, Telefonica and Americ Movil to provide leading edge wireless data solutions. We provide a broad range of GSM-3G-EDGE-GPRS connectivity options, allowing for the largest cellular wireless reach around the world. We offer static IP’s on all connections in order to provide the most reliable and secure connections, as well as, proactive monitoring and management of your network.

Mtrex provides wireless data plans of every configuration for a variety of M2M (machine-machine) applications; from 10KB to 20GB.